District Leadership Team

The District Leadership Team is composed of both Brothers and Lasallian Partners, both appointed and ex officio, who together are responsible for major areas of District administration, including Brothers’ Communities, educational ministries and programs, formation for Mission, and finance and development.  The Brother Visitor is both the canonical superior of the District’s Brothers and the chief executive officer of the District.  The Team serves the Visitor, and by extension the District, in both advisory and administrative capacities. Team members also serve on both the Lasallian Education Corporation and the Louisiana Lasallian Education Corporation. (See School Boards of Trustees below)    

  • Br. Donald Johanson, FSC, Visitor
  • Br. James Joost, FSC, Auxiliary Visitor
  • Br. Nick Gonzalez, FSC, Assistant Visitor
  • Mr. Bob Carrejo, Director, Office of Communications
  • Mr. Michael Daniels, Director, Office of Education
  • Ms. Pamela Gleeson, Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Rico Hernandez, Director of Sustainability
  • Ms. Janell Kloosterman, Director, Leadership Formation
  • Mr. Greg Kopra, Director, Formation for Mission
  • Mr. Charles Legendre, Director, Office of Evangelization & Catechesis
  • Ms. Janet Ruggiero, Director, Board Formation

The District of San Francisco New Orleans’ administrative headquarters, the De La Salle Institute, is located at Mont La Salle in Napa, California, with a second De La Salle Institute office located in Covington, Louisiana.

DLT/OOE Monthly Calendar

Leadership Groups


The District Council is a canonically required council composed of at least six Brothers, both elected and appointed, that is advisory to the Visitor and possesses certain canonical authority and duties as outlined in the Rule of the Brothers.


The District Review Board is composed of both Brothers and Lasallian Partners, both appointed and ex officio.  It ensures through both regular and special review that necessary policies regarding the life and work of the Brothers are in place and are being properly implemented and observed.


The Boards of Trustees of the School Corporations of the District each are composed of both Brothers and Lasallian Partners, nominated by their Boards and approved by the District’s education corporation.  Boards represent the “moral owners” of the schools, who are the De La Salle Christian Brothers.  Trustees provide the highest level of institutional leadership intended to advance the Lasallian educational mission.  The Boards of Trustees govern through written policies and monitor the performance of the school’s CEO to ensure organizational excellence.


The Lasallian Education Corporation (LEC) and the Louisiana Lasallian Education Corporation (LLEC) are non-profit corporations organized for the purpose of oversight of the District’s school corporations and, as such, exercise certain reserved powers in regard to these school corporations.  The Trustees of both LEC and LLEC meet monthly.


The Lasallian Christian Brothers Foundation (LCBF) raises funds for scholarships for underserved students to attend Western Region Lasallian schools and for the care and support of the Brothers who educate and serve them. Gifts designated for scholarships are placed in the Lasallian Education Fund (LEF), whose board is completely responsible for the administration of the scholarships to students who qualify. Gifts designated for the Brothers are placed in the Christian Brothers Charitable Trust and provide for the vocation, formation, and other lifelong needs of the Christian Brothers in the Western Region.

District Associations & Committees