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Archives of the District of San Francisco New Orleans

The Archives of the District of San Francisco New Orleans serves as the final repository for the records of the District of San Francisco New Orleans, as well as those of the former Districts of San Francisco and New Orleans-Santa Fe. 

The Archives collects and preserves the history of the District’s ministries and the lives and work of the De La Salle Christian Brothers and Lasallian Partners who serve in them.

The Archives assists in the continuing mission of the Brothers and Partners by identifying, acquiring, arranging, and preserving official records and other artifacts created by the District and all of its institutions.  This includes the separate collections from the former San Francisco and New Orleans-Santa Fe Districts, as well as those of the San Francisco New Orleans District.  

Archive materials are generally made available for viewing and for research purposes, with the exception of those records classified as confidential.  Materials include:

  • Administrative records of the Districts.
  • Administrative records of schools and other ministries.
  • All publications created by the District and its institutions, such as magazines, newspapers, newsletters, yearbooks, brochures, and pamphlets.
  • Media such as photographs, negatives, slides, video, audio, cassettes, microfilm, CDs and DVDs.
  • Maps, charts, and architectural drawings.
  • Artifacts relating to the Districts and their institutions.

In order to keep complete records of the schools and other institutions of the Districts, the Archives depends on contributions of suitable materials from the Districts and it’s institutions.  See a list of materials to save for the Archives.

To contact us about research requests or donating materials to the Archives, email us weekdays, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Pacific Time.

San Francisco New Orleans District Archives  |  4401 Redwood Road, Napa, California, 94558  |  707.252.3730
Jennifer Sturm, Director, jsturm@dlsi.org  |  Brother Emmet Sinitiere, FSC, Archivist, esinitiere@dlsi.org

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