Kelsey Morrisson

The District of San Francisco New Orleans (SFNO) is pleased to welcome Kelsey Morrisson as its new Lasallian Volunteer (LV) for 2020-2021.  Kelsey will be a member of the San Miguel Community in Tucson, Arizona and will serve at San Miguel High School.

Growing up in Memphis, Tennessee, Kelsey attended Christian Brothers University (CBU) in Memphis, graduating in 2020 with a B.A. in Psychology.  At San Miguel, she will work managing content for faculty, staff, and students on the online virtual campus that has been established as part of the school’s operations during COVID-19 restrictions.

Kelsey’s interest in LVs began through a friend who currently serves as an LV and also through two Lasallian Scholars with whom she worked while interning in the Office of Advancement at CBU.  What she saw and learned through them inspired Kelsey to consider the program for herself.

“What stands out most to me about Lasallian Volunteers,” Kelsey says, “is the shared passion for social justice and systemic change that everyone in the program shares. Plus, it is such a wonderful experience to live in community with like-minded individuals. The San Miguel community has already given me a significant amount of motivation and support in the few short weeks I have been a part of it.”

As a first-year LV, Kelsey will experience a variety of new personal and ministerial opportunities.  None are more important to her than the chance that she will have to use her gifts for the good of others.

“I hope to learn as much as I can about myself and how I can better support and serve those around me,” she states. “I want to learn more how to use the privileges I’ve known in my life to uplift marginalized members in my community.”

Despite just getting underway, Kelsey notes that the Lasallian community tradition of formation and accompaniment is already making a deep impression on her, sharing, “The immense amounts of encouragement I have received from the Brothers, LV staff, and my fellow volunteers is unlike anything that I have ever experienced.  Every day, my spirit is lifted by the people that Lasallian Volunteers has placed in my life.”

And with that encouragement has come insights into the heart of Lasallian ministry.  “I think,” Kelsey reflects, “the intentionality that the Lasallian mission demands of its followers is what sets it apart from others. Followers of the Lasallian mission that I have encountered seem to have a deeper connection to the work they do and the people they serve. Placing just as much, if not more, importance on what we as followers of the Lasallian mission can learn from those whom we serve makes service a much more holistic and significant experience.”

As one of the most unusual and demanding school years in recent memory is set to begin, Lasallian Volunteers across the Region of North America are joining Brothers and Partners in their work of teaching the minds and touching the hearts of their students, especially those most in need.  Asked what she hopes might be her contribution to this Mission under such unique circumstances, Kelsey is staying rooted in her Lasallian identity by looking to pass on to others what her own Lasallian education gave to her.

“I hope,” she says, “to use my experiences and education gifted to me by the Christian Brothers at CBU to serve high school aged students here in Tucson.  I have faith that my Lasallian education will allow me to serve students at my site, as well as members of my community, in a meaningful and personal way.”

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