May 19, 2020

//May 19, 2020

May 19, 2020

Tuesday of the Sixth Week of Easter

Intention: For all Lasallian members of the Class of 2020, that they may be blessed with fulfilling and generous futures, living their lives as instruments of God’s loving and saving presence.

Today’s Gospel | John 16:5-11

Jesus said to his disciples: “Now I am going to the one who sent me, and not one of you asks me, ‘Where are you going?’ But because I told you this, grief has filled your hearts.  But I tell you the truth, it is better for you that I go.  For if I do not go, the Advocate will not come to you.  But if I go, I will send him to you.  And when he comes he will convict the world in regard to sin and righteousness and condemnation: sin, because they do not believe in me; righteousness, because I am going to the Father and you will no longer see me; condemnation, because the ruler of this world has been condemned.”

From the Second Meditation for the Time of Retreat | Saint John Baptist de La Salle

Is your main care, then, to instruct your disciples in the maxims of the holy Gospel and the practice of the Christian virtues? Have you anything more at heart than helping them find their happiness in these practices? Do you regard the good you are trying to achieve in them as the foundation of all the good they will practice for the rest of their life? The habits of virtue that are cultivated during youth encounter less resistance in corrupt nature and form the deepest roots in the hearts of those in whom they have been formed.

If you want the instructions you give to those whom you have to instruct to be effective in drawing them to the practice of good, you must practice these truths. You must be full of zeal, so that your students may be able to receive a share in the grace that is in you for doing good and your zeal may draw down on you the Spirit of God to inspire your students in the same way.


Eternal Father, it was hard for Jesus’ disciples to see him go, just as it sometimes can be hard for us when it feels as if you are far away.  Strengthen us to hold closely the gift of our faith in you, knowing that you always are with us, that you never will abandon us, and that your time and your ways can always be trusted.  Help us to be worthy guides for those that you have entrusted to our care, especially those most in need.  We ask this of you who lives and reigns with your Son and the Holy Spirit, one God for ever and ever.  Amen.

Saint John Baptist de La Salle, pray for us.
Live Jesus in our hearts forever.

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