Napa Evacuations Lifted, Mont La Salle Clean-Up to Begin

//Napa Evacuations Lifted, Mont La Salle Clean-Up to Begin

Napa Evacuations Lifted, Mont La Salle Clean-Up to Begin

It has been announced that Mont La Salle is no longer under evacuation order.  As of 3 p.m. on October 24, Napa County had lifted all of its remaining evacuation orders and road closures, including those for Mont La Salle, Hess Winery, and Redwood Road.

Redwood Rd SignsThe ending of the evacuation and road closures will now allow for property clean-up and recovery procedures to begin.  While Mont La Salle did not sustain any burn damage from the area’s extreme wildfires, the property and its facilities experienced prolonged exposure to smoke and ash from the fires, resulting in contamination damage.

The will require professional restoration, including cleansing facilities and their contents, as well as purifying HVAC systems.  Also, general facility and grounds maintenance will have to be brought back on schedule.  All work is expected to begin on October 26.  There is no definite timeframe for completion of these tasks as of yet.

During the recovery process, Mont La Salle, including De La Salle Institute (DLSI) offices, will remain closed.  The Brothers of Mont La Salle’s Holy Family and Provincialate Communities will continue to stay with other Bay Area communities, and DLSI staff will continue to work online from home.

Updates on the restoration process will be given as they become available.  The date of Mont La Salle’s reopening will be announced as soon as it is determined.

The first reports of fires in the Napa area began to surface the evening of October 8.  Within 24 hours, a total of 14 fires were burning out of control throughout eight Northern California counties.  By October 10, several of the fires had moved close enough to Mont La Salle to warrant evacuation.  See interactive map of fire/burn area.  As of October 24, the two closest fires — the Nunns Fire and Atlas Fire – were reported to be 91% and 95% contained respectively.

Please continue to keep our Napa-Sonoma-Solano area Brothers and Partners, as well as all others who have been affected by this disaster, in your thoughts and prayers.  Live Jesus in our hearts forever.

Read the latest updates from the Napa Valley Register.


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