MLS Entrance SignAs clean-up and recovery operations at Mont La Salle continue, Brother Donald Johanson, Visitor, has announced that De La Salle Institute (DLSI) offices will re-open on Monday, October 30.

The DLSI offices house the District’s Visitor and Auxiliary Visitor, leadership team, finance and I.T. personnel, and administrative assistants.

DLSI personnel will resume their regular office hours of weekdays, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Professional restoration crews continue the process of clean-up throughout the rest of Mont La Salle’s facilities.  Mont La Salle’s maintenance staff is assisting and also is working to ensure that all of the property’s general maintenance needs and standards are once again being met.

The Brothers of the Holy Family and Provincialate Communities will return to Mont La Salle upon the recovery of all conditions and amenities necessary for continuous residence, including HVAC systems, common and private areas, healthcare facilities, and food service.