Office of Education Holds First Formation Think Tank

//Office of Education Holds First Formation Think Tank

Office of Education Holds First Formation Think Tank


Formation Think Tank members at Mont La Salle.

The San Francisco New Orleans District Office of Education held its inaugural Lasallian Formation Think Tank meeting September 20-22 at Mont La Salle.

Participants in the gathering included organizer Greg Kopra, Director, Formation for Mission; Kenenna Amuzie, Director, Young Lasallians; Bob Carrejo, Director, Office of Communications; Mike Daniels, Director, Office of Education – Napa; Brother James Joost, FSC, Auxiliary Visitor; Charlie Legendre, Director, Office of Education – Covington; and Brother George Van Grieken, FSC, Coordinator, Lasallian Resource Center.

The goals of the gathering included reviewing recent Institute, Regional, and District documents that pertain to formation for mission; assessing the District’s current formation for mission efforts; and drafting a basic plan for a future initiative related to enhanced Lasallian mission formation in the District.

Discussions yielded a variety of observations and ideas regarding how District formation for mission panning could best move forward in responding to current needs and opportunities.  A synthesis statement was drafted to reflect the substance of the group’s discussions and serve as a first step in crafting a plan for enhanced Lasallian Mission formation in the District in the near future.

Think Tank participants met in a retreat-like setting in the old novitiate building at Mont La Salle, gathering for prayer and meals as well as for each day’s work.

According to Think Tank organizer Kopra, the group will continue to serve as the central planning committee for the future initiative planning and will take responsibility for the initiative’s final design.  He anticipates that other persons from District ministries will be consulted as the initiative is developed and implemented.

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