OOE LogoFrom March 17 to March 19, 25 mathematics instructors from the San Francisco New Orleans District’s secondary schools gathered at Saint Joseph’s Camp for a mathematics workshop.  This workshop is part of a regular cycle of discipline-specific workshops offered by the District’s Office of Education.  The agenda for the workshop was created by the teachers themselves, based on interviews conducted by Greg Kopra of the Office of Education in the months leading up to the workshop.  Topics included:

  • Best practices in specific content areas (from Algebra I to AP Calculus);
  • Effective responses to students who are challenged by specific content areas;
  • Technology: most effective practices in enhancing student learning in math; classrooms, common challenges posed by technology usage, and demonstration of outstanding websites and apps;
  • Practices used by various schools to accurately place incoming students in math courses;
  • Examples of project-based activities that have proven effective in mathematics courses;
  • Applications of a flipped classroom in mathematics courses; and
  • The practice of the virtue of patience on the part of Lasallian educators in the mathematics classroom.

The sharing around these topics was rich.  Teachers also networked about a host of other topics during meals, break times, and evening socials.  During the workshop, participants began sharing resources with each other electronically, and the group created a process whereby such sharing will continue after the workshop.

In 2016-2017, the District Office of Education will facilitate a workshop for science teachers in the District’s middle and secondary schools.  The workshop will take place March 26-28, 2017 at Saint Joseph’s Camp.

Story contributed by Greg Kopra, Director of Formation for Mission, District of San Francisco New Orleans.