2015 “Spring into Action” to Begin

//2015 “Spring into Action” to Begin

2015 “Spring into Action” to Begin

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The Regional Council of Young Lasallians of the Lasallian Region of North America (RELAN) has announced that the 4th Annual “Spring into Action” initiative is scheduled for March 15- April 30, 2015.

“Spring into Action” is an initiative that highlights service that occurs within RELAN’s Lasallian ministries. It encourages all RELAN Lasallians to participate in a volunteer/service activity, either creating a new event or joining an existing event, and then sharing their experience via Lasallian social media.  “Spring into Action” information was recently sent to all District of San Francisco New Orleans ministries by Director of Young Lasallians Heather Ruple.

In a letter supporting “Spring into Action”, Superior General Brother Robert Schieler, FSC, wrote, “When we reach out in service, we know that we will receive more than we give.  For we do it with great love and are loved in return.  An encounter with one in need invites us, as Pope Francis reminds us, to “…deepen our sense of compassion, to go beyond simply giving to the poor, and to understand their plight.”  This is what ‘Spring into Action’ is all about:  love in action.”

Learn more about Young Lasallians in RELAN, the Regional Council of Young Lasallians, and who your local representative is, at http://lasallian.info/lasallian-family/young-lasallians/.

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