Maps and Directions

News and Information

  • One-page summary introduces the Lasallian educational mission and the District of San Francisco. This PDF file is printable as a full-color, single-fold brochure.

Guidance and Reflection

  • District Action Plan 2007-2011: This document sets forth the District of San Francisco’s vision and direction. The file is in interactive PDF format. You may download and save your personal copy, in which to record notes next to any Action Item of your choice. In this way a running record can be kept. Open this file with Adobe Reader 7.0 or newer.
  • The District Assembly on Mission 2010: The District of San Francisco’s 3rd District Mission Assembly was held August 1-4, 2010. Summaries and photos may be found here, as well as highlights of the 2006 Assembly.
  • 12th District Chapter, 2006: The Brothers of the District of San Francisco, convened in their 12 th District Chapter, approved ten Priority Statements for the District which will help to guide the District's plan of action for the coming four years.
  • Scenarios for the Future of the Lasallian Mission What will the Lasallian world look like in 2015? What are the possibilites and probabilities? What might the course of development in those years be? This document uses 'scenario thinking' to illuminate divergent futures.
  • Family Choice in Education and the Lasallian Educational Mission is a resource for Lasallian educators and others concerned with social justice, educational effectiveness, and the ability of all American families to secure good education of their choosing. It is a discussion of educational policies and the Catholic and Lasallian education enterprise.
  • Ethical Ministry with Minors: The District of San Francisco has a written policy for maintaining ethical ministry with minors. Please contact us for further information.

Lasallian Materials

  • Lasallian Resources such as documents, art, book, magazines, and more are available through Christian Brothers Conference.

  • Signs of Faith magazine of the District of San Francisco from 1998 to 2003, includes archived articles concerned with Lasallian heritage and formation.

  • E-HORIZONS was published from 2001-2011, and was a compilation of articles, notes,reviews, essays, talks, poems, and reflections on religious and educational matters of interest both to Lasallians and to the wider community of Catholic educators.

Brothers and Lasallian Works Websites:

  • The Christian Brothers Retreat and Conference Center, Napa: The Retreat and Conference Center at Mont La Salle, Napa, California welcomes groups large and small, offering overnight accommodations, indoor and outdoor meeting and gathering spaces, excellent meals, chapel spaces for prayer, concerts, and weddings.

  • Camp La Salle at Huntington Lake: Camp La Salle is a private recreational facility in the Sierra National Forest open to employees of Lasallian works from mid-June through the end of July. The site offers boating, swimming, fishing and water skiing, hiking, backpacking and bird watching.

Support for Lasallian Education:

  • Lasallian Education Fund provides financial support for underserved children around the world to attend Lasallian schools and programs.

  • Les Amis des Frères is a group of former Brothers, men who studied to be Brothers, and their families who reaffirm their Lasallian spirit of faith by meeting together regularly. The gatherings include an annual reunion-picnic at Mont La Salle and an annual week-long retreat at St. Joseph's Camp on the Russian River. Together, they recognize the inspiration they have received from Brothers who were examples of devotion, caring, faith, and zeal. Les Amis des Frères donates funds for groups which support Lasallian ideals. They welcome Brothers, former Brothers and friends, family, and benefactors of the Brothers to join their Facebook page.
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